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My name is Bardia Shahrestani and I'm a Cognitive science student and a self-taught programmer studying at McGill University.

I'm interested in using the power of Artificial Intelligence to help people understand, learn from each other, and learn faster.

My main programming languages are Python and Javascript.
I use Python for data analysis and for making websites.
I use Javascript for making interactive websites and web apps.

My Projects

  • 🧮 Data Structures

    A few common and not-so-common data structures for me to use in other projects

  • 📉 LSTM Time-Series

    Simple LSTM network for analyzing financial time-series

  • 🤳 Instagram-scraper

    ython script that scrapes Instagram, retrieves images and extracts relevant info about multiple users.

  • 📖 Bible Studies

    Word frequency analysis, and language modelling of the bible with markov chains and LSTM network.

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